Blackboard - Overview for Students

Getting Started for New Student Users

1. Login

  • To get to Blackboard, click on the Blackboard link on the top orange bar on any UTHSC webpage, or type directly into your address bar:
  • To log in, click on the Login buttons on the top left or right of the page.
  • Your username is your NetID and your password is your NetID password that your use for email and other UTHSC services.

2. My Blackboard

  • On your My Blackboard page, you will find modules that you can add to including a Tools module, My Announcements module and Courses module.
  • The My Courses modules will list all the courses you are enrolled in in Blackboard.
  • Click on the name of the course to enter.

3. Course Homepage

  • Announcements (if any) will appear first, to the right. Tip: Many instructors use the Announcements section to display important information. Check it often.
  • Use Course Menu buttons to navigate through the course.
  • Buttons/Links represent content areas (hold documents, assignments, etc.) and Blackboard tools (e.g., Discussion Board)
  • Click button to see content or tools to the right of the Course Menu.

4. Accessing Content (docs, tests, web links, etc...)

  • Click content area button to see content.
  • Click links to view docs or take tests or surveys
  • Tip: Sometimes content is directly displayed on the page. There is no need to click.

5. Basic Blackboard Tools

  • Select Tools from the Course Menu (if available)
  • From there you have access to the Discussion Board, you can send e-mail (send to others in course only)

6. Logout - Very Important when in Computer Labs

  • Always click Logout button on the top far right of the page AND
  • Close browser window after each session on public computer
  • TIP: This prevents others from seeing your personal information

7. For help, Go to

  • Your instructor for course-related problems (ex. missing content, grade issues)
  • The Knowledge Base on the Blackboard website
  • The Blackboard Administrators ( or 901.448.1927) for access-related or technical problems (e.g., you can't log in, elements of Blackboard not working)