Grade Center Column Organization: Hide Column In Grade Center

Instructors have the ability to hide any column from the Grade Center view. Hiding a column in the GC keeps all information associated with the column, but keeps it from being seen in the Grade Center. Hiding columns helps reduces the length of the Grade Center, which reduces the need for continuous horizontal scrolling.

NOTE: Hiding columns will NOT hide them from students. They will only be hidden in the Grade Center. Making columns unavailable to the students is accomplished with a different method.

METHOD 1 (Best for hiding individual columns)

  1. Move the cursor over the column to be hidden.
  2. Click on the button to open the Action Menu and click Hide Column.

METHOD 2 (Best for hiding multiple columns at once)

1. Column Organization Menu Option

Hover over the Manage menu and select Column Organization.

2. Choose Columns To Hide

Select the check boxes of the columns to be hidden.

3. Hide Columns

With the boxes checked: 1) hover over the Show/Hide menu and 2) select Hide Selected Columns.


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