Grade Center: Changing the Order of Columns

Columns are added to the Grade Center in the order in which you develop activities to be graded, whether discussion boards, assignments, tests, or surveys. This means that columns of graded work often appear after columns that are more "summary" including weighted total and total columns. This document provides information about how to change the order of columns in the grade center.

Access the Full Grade Center

In the Control Panel menu, expand the Grade Center section and select Full Grade Center.

Determine how Columns are Organized and Changes you'd like to Make

See that Weighted Total and Total are immediately after the students' names? In this instance, we will move the farthest 2 right-hand columns (kzh surv 0117 and Example Test) to be between the students' names and the weighted total column.

Manage Column Organization

Select the double-down arrows to the right of Manage. Then select Column Organization.

Reordering the Columns

Select the N/E/S/W arrows beside the name of the item you wish to reorder. Holding down the mouse on the N/E/S/W arrow beside the item you wish to reorder, drag it to the desired position.

Note the change in location of Example Test for Deployment in the next screen

We've taken the last item in the prior section and have made it first in the list in this screen. Make sure to click Submit when you're done rearranging.

The Reording is Done

Now, instead of Weighted Total being the first column after the students' names, the Example Test column is located at that position. You can reorder multiple columns from the prior screens.