Grade Center: Adding Grade Column

Grade Columns show grades for students for work done both within and outside Blackboard. Columns are added to the Grade Center automatically for work done on the system in Discussion Boards, Assignments, and Tests and Surveys. Work done that is not automatically graded can be measured in the Grade Center by creating a Grade Column.

Access Grade Center

Under the Control Panel menu, expand the Grade Center section and select Full Grade Center.

Create Column

Click the Create Column button on the top left of the Grade Center.

Add Column Information

1. Enter a Column Name (required) and a Grade Center Name and Description (optional).
2. Enter the Primary Display format (Score, Letter, Text, Percentage, Complete/Incomplete) and Secondary Display (optional).
3. Select a Category and enter a value for Points Possible.

Date and Options

1. Enter a Due Date (optional).
2. Set additional Options for the column by selecting the Yes or No radio button for the following:

  • Include Column in Grade Center calculation: The column will be included in Calculated Columns, such as Total Points or Weighted Grade Columns.
  • Show this Column to Students: Grades will appear in the students' My Grades area.
  • Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades: Includes statistical information about the column in the students’ grade area.

3. Click Submit to save the changes.