Using the Control Panel

This is an overview of the Control Panel menu items and options. In a course site, the Control Panel can be accessed under the Course Management area.

Collapsed Control Panel menu

If the Control Panel menu is collapsed, click in the Control Panel title area to expand the menu. Each option within the Control Panel can also be expanded in order to view the available sub-menus below. To expand a given option, click on the menu option title. Once a menu area has been expanded, the options included within can be accessed by clicking on the option title.

Expanded Control Panel menu

By default, the Control Panel menu is expanded upon initially entry to a course.

Content Collection

Content Collection: Acts as an in-course file storage manager, which makes it easy to keep track of documents used within the course. Any files uploaded to the course are added to the course files area and in turn can be linked to multiple content areas, eliminating the need to upload the same document multiple times.

Course Tools

Course Tools: Contains links to Announcements, Blogs, Contacts, Calendar, Discussion Board, Journals, Photo Roster, Email, and Tests, Surveys and Pools area (previously Test/Pool Manager), etc.


Evaluation: Contains links to the Performance Dashboard, Course Reports, and Early Warning System.

Grade Center

Grade Center: Contains the links to access the Grade Center. This menu allows the addition of “favorite” Smart Views, which, when added, can be accessed right from within the Control Panel area.

Users and Groups

User and Groups: Allows for management/enrollment of users and the configuration and modification of groups.


Customization: Allows for the customization of the course design and properties, including course availability settings.

Packages and Utilities

Packages and Utilities: Contains the Course Copy, Export/Archive, Import, and Bulk Delete options.


Help: Contains the Instructor Manual and various quick tutorials published by Blackboard, Inc.