Managing Tool Availability

Blackboard has a number of Tools that are made available within a course by default; however they may be made unavailable if desired. In a similar manner, if an expected tool or feature cannot be located within the course, instructors should check the Tool Availability screen to determine whether the tool has been accidentally made unavailable within the course.

Open a Course

From the Blackboard Homepage, select a course from the My Courses menu.

Customization via the Control Panel

In the Control Panel, click Customization and then Tool Availability.

Update Tool Availability

The Tool Availability screen will appear. Choose the Tools that will be available within the course by placing a checkmark in the boxes under the Availability column. A check means the tool is available. A checkmark in the Available in Content Areas column means the Instructor can place a link to that tool within a Content Area of the course. Not all Tools can be made available in Content Areas.

Email Settings

The Email Settings area has a sub-menu for specific email privileges. Click the Action Menu (highlighted above) to access the separate Email Settings menu.

Submit Your Changes

Click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the screen to finalize your changes.