Enrolling Users in Blackboard

Go to the Control Panel

1. Go to the Control Panel.
2. Go to Users and Groups.
3. Select Users.

Find Users to Enroll

1. Select Find Users to Enroll.

Add Enrollments (NetID known)

1. If you know the username's NetID, simply enter it in the text field.
2. Select a role for the user (Student, Guest, Teaching Assistant,etc.).
3. Click Submit.

Add Enrollments (NetID unknown)

1. Select Browse when you don't know the NetID.
2. When searching you have the option to select from the following: Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email. (The most common options chosen are Username and Last Name.)
3. The next box gives you th following options: Contains, Equal to, Starts with, and Not Blank. The most common options chosen are Contains and Starts with.)
4. Type your data in the blank text field.
5. Select Go.

Enroll User

1. Once you have found the person, put a check in the box beside his or her name.
2. Click Submit.
3. The user's NetID will appear in the text box on the Add Enrollments (see above, Step 3).

Success! You have enrolled the user.

1. The new user appears in Users under Users and Groups in the Control Panel.