Submitting a File for an Assignment - Students

This is a step-by-step guide for students on how to attach a file to be submitted for an assignment.

Navigate to the Content Area for the Assignment

From the Course Menu, select the Content Area where the assignment resides in your course (i.e. Assignments, Module 1, etc.).

Open the Assignment

Click the title of the assignment to open the assignment.

Read the Assignment Information

Read all of the information available for the assignment. This section may contain information that is critical in completing the assignment successfully.

Upload a Document

If the assignment requires a file submission, scroll down in the (1) 'Assignment Materials' section to the (2) 'Attach File' sub-section.
Click the (3) 'Browse My Computer' button.

Selecting a File to Upload

A file upload window will appear. Use this new window to navigate to the file you will submit for the assignment.
Click 'Open' or 'Submit' to choose the selected file for upload.

Submitting Your File

Your uploaded file now appears below the 'Attach File' sub-section. You may upload multiple files by repeating previous two steps.
You may change the name of the link to the file using the (2) 'Link Title' field. You may also choose to remove the attached file from the assignment by clicking the (3) 'Do not attach' link.
Once you have uploaded all of the documents you have for the assignment, scroll to the bottom on the page and click the (4) 'Submit' button.