Blackboard - Creating an Exam or Quiz

Select Where You Want the Test Deployed

1. Make sure Edit Mode is turned ON, and go to the area of the course where you want to place your test.

Hover over Assessment and Select Test

2. Hover over Assessments and click Test.

3. Click te "Create" button

Test Information

4. Add a Name for the test.
5. Include any optional Descriptions and Instructions if you want.
6. click Submit when done.

Adding Questions

7. On the next screen hover over Create Question and choose the type of question you want to create, then type question and answer(s) depending on the question type. Repeat this step as needed to create additional questions.
8. After you are done creating questions , click on OK at the bottom of the screen. It will then take you back to the test deployment screen.

Deploying the test

9. You will be taken back to the test selection screen, make sure that the test that you just created is selected then press submit.

Selecting Test Options

The next screen you are taken to will let you set the test options.
10. Change the name of the exam if needed
11. Edit the description if needed
12. Choose to show to the students the Description and/or the Instructions of the test before the begin the test.
13. Choose to have test open in new window or not.

Test Options cont. - Completing Test Availability

14. Make link to the test available, select Yes so that students can access the test.
15. Select Yes here to create an announcement about the survey to remind the students.
16. Multiple Attempts: enable this option to let your students take the test multiple times, either an unlimited amount or a set number that you specify.
17. Force Completion – Enable this option to force the test to be completed the first time it is launched.
18. Set time limit – Enable this option to limit the time your students have to take a test.
19. Display After/Until - Enable these options to set a starting and ending time of a test.
20. Set password – Enable this option to make your students enter a password before taking the test.

Test Options cont.

21. Test Availability Exceptions - this options allows you to select one or more groups of students and make a number of exceptions to the already established availability settings.
22. Due Date - Enable this option to set a due date for the test. Optionally you can choose to not allow submissions after the due date.
23. Enable this option to include this test in Grade Center Score Calculations.
24. Hide results for this test completely from the Instructor and the Grade Center - If this option is checked, the instructor will not be able to see any student grades for this test, view answers or aggregate results, nor download result details. To protect student privacy, this choice cannot be reversed later without losing all attempts.

Test Options cont. - Setting Test Feedback

25. Choose what students see after they finish the exam. You can set the release of progressive feedback to keep test results secure and prevent cheating.
26. Choose how the test is presented to students.
27. Click submit when done, to save your settings.