Adding a File

Use Create File to add a file that can be selected and viewed as a page within the Course or as a separate piece of content in a separate browser window. Also, a collection of files or an entire lesson, including cascading style sheets (CSS), can be developed offline and uploaded into a Course from a local drive and viewed in order.

Enable Edit Mode

First make sure that Edit Mode is ON.

Select Content Folder Where Data Will Be Added (Your Folder Names May Vary)

From the Course Menu, select folder where File will be added.

Select Create File Option

Hover your cursor over the Build Content drop down menu. From the Create menu, select File.

Select File

Under Select File:

1. Use the Browse My Computer or Browse Course Files button to attach a file (required).
2. Enter a Name for the item (required)
3. Choose Yes or No for Open in a New Window.

Standard Options

Under Standard Options

1. Select Yes or No for Permit Users to View Content Item. In order for students to access the file, Yes must be selected.
2. Select Yes or No for Track Number of Views.
3. Select Date and Time Restrictions as desired.

  • 6. Click Submit when finished.


Click Submit to add the Item. Choose Cancel if you do not wish to keep the information.

Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between adding an Item and adding a File?

While nearly the same thing can be accomplished with either, adding a File can only be used for file uploading/file linking. Adding an Item will open the Visual Text Box editor, where you can enter text and/or HTML.