Adding a Course Link

A Link is a shortcut to an area, a tool, or an item. Add a Link to a Content Area to provide quick access points to relevant materials and tools. Options for Links affect the availability and tracking of the content items no matter where they are accessed.

Enable Edit Mode

First make sure that Edit Mode is ON.

Select Content Folder Where Data Will Be Added (Your Folder Names May Vary)

From the Course Menu, select folder where Course Link will be added.

Select Content Folder Option

Hover your cursor over the Build Content drop down menu. From the New Page menu, select Course Link.

Course Link Information

1. Choose Item/Tool/Area that you wish to link to via the Browse button- which will open a course map or tree-view display of the course contents. Click on an item in the pop-up window, (Required).
2. Enter a Name of the link (Required)
3. After the course item has been clicked, verify that text has been entered in the Location field.
4. Description (optional)


1. Select Yes or No for Permit Users to View this Content Item. Clicking no will make the folder inaccessible to students. 2. Select Yes or No for Track Number of Views.
3. Select Time and Date Restrictions as desired.


Click Submit to add the Item. Choose Cancel if you do not wish to keep the information.