Adaptive Release - Basics: Membership

Adaptive Release gives instructors the opportunity to display specific content to individuals or groups in the class based on criteria set. Once the rule is created, each student has to meet the specific criteria before they are allowed to access the content.

Adaptive Release can be used to limit an item’s availability to certain students.

Enable Edit Mode

First make sure that Edit Mode is ON.

Find Item Where You Wish to Use Adaptive Release

1. Click on that item’s Action Link button .
2. Then, choose Adaptive Release.

Limiting By Membership

Enter the student’s Username (UT NetID) into the Username field. Multiple usernames can be entered as long as they are separated by commas.

Click Browse

If a student’s username is not known, click on the Browse button.

Course Membership Box

Search Fields

1. Once the Course Membership window appears, select the search criteria via the Field (Username, First Name, Last Name), String (Contains, Exact Match) dropdown menus.
2. Type Term (user/student name) you are searching and click Go

Select Student(s)

Find the student and check the box to the left of their first name.


Click Submit to accept the condition. Choose Cancel if you do not wish to keep the information.

Note Student's Username in Username Field

Once the student(s) username is entered, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Verify Rule Was Added

Verify that the words Enabled: Adaptive Release appear under the item name in the Edit View of that content area.

NOTE: If availability dates have already been configured for this item using Adaptive Release, the membership criteria will be a secondary rule to the availability dates. This means that the selected students will see the item only within the window of the availability dates.