Adaptive Release - Basics: Based on Review Status

Adaptive Release gives instructors the opportunity to display content to individuals or groups in the class based on criteria set. Once the rule is created, each student has to meet the specific criteria before they are allowed to access the content.

A rule can be configured to make an item available based on another item’s review status. One example where this may be useful is to include a “Studernt Honor Code” document for a site, where students must read and agree to the information in that item for that site. Limiting availability based on review status requires the presence of an additional course item for which review status is enabled.

Enable Edit Mode

First make sure that Edit Mode is ON.

Find Item Where You Wish to Use Adaptive Release

1. Click on that item’s Action Link button .
2. Then, choose Adaptive Release.

Review Status Option

From the Review Status Option, click Browse to open another window in which to select content.

Browse Box Pop Up

Locate the item that the rule will based on by clicking the Expand button next to a folder. Once the item has been located, click the title.

Once Item Is Selected

The path to that item is added in the field

Click Submit to accept the condition. Choose Cancel if you do not wish to keep the information.

Enabling Review Status

If Review Status for the item has not been enabled, a prompt will appear indicating that Review Status will be enabled. Click OK to continue.

Verify Rule Was Added

Verify that the words Enabled: Adaptive Release appear under the item name in the Edit View of that content area.

NOTE: If Adaptive Release has been configured to use Date, Membership, and Grade rules, the item will only be released to those students to meet ALL of the criteria of the rule.

Verify Review Is Enabled

A message will also appear on the item that the Review status is based on.