Adaptive Release - Basics: Based on Grade/Attempt

Adaptive Release gives instructors the opportunity to display content to individuals or groups in the class based on criteria set. Once the rule is created, each student has to meet the specific criteria before they are allowed to access the content.

Limiting availability based on grade/attempt requires the presence of two or more separate items. An example includes where students must have a score of 80% or greater on an assessment before the next section of reading material becomes available to them.

Enable Edit Mode

First make sure that Edit Mode is ON.

Find Item Where You Wish to Use Adaptive Release

1. Click on that item’s Action Link button .
2. Then, choose Adaptive Release.

Select a Grade Center column

From the Select a Grade Center column dropdown menu, select a Grade Center Column that the rule will be based on. Assignments/exams are grouped alphabetically based on their column title. The total points possible is shown in brackets next to the column name.


Select Condition

In the Select Condition section, select the desired criteria:

1. Selecting User has at least one attempt for this item will release the item after the student attempts a given assignment/assessment. An attempt is recorded in the Grade Center when a student submits the test, survey or assignment, or when a grade is entered or edited.

2. Selecting Score requires a matching criteria of Less Than or Equal To, Greater Than or Equal To or Equal To, and numerical score to be entered. The item will be released to the student if it matches that specific criteria.

3. The Score Between option requires a numerical high and low score to be entered. If the student receives a score between this, the item will be released to the student.


Click Submit to accept the condition. Choose Cancel if you do not wish to keep the information.

Verify Rule Was Added

Verify that the words Enabled: Adaptive Release appear under the item name in the Edit View of that content area.

NOTE: If Date and Membership criteria have been selected, conditional grade release will co-exist with these criteria, meaning that students must satisfy all criteria in order for the item to be available to them.